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AOAC SEA Section

The aim of AOAC is to bring together government, industry, and academia to establish standard methods of analysis that ensure the safety and integrity of foods and other products that impact public health around the world.

In June 2021, AOAC Southeast Asia (SEA) Section was formed and encompasses 10 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. Our vision is to be a contributor in developing confidence in consensus-based analytical solutions for food safety, food integrity and public health across the region.

The 1st Annual Conference of AOAC SEA Section will be held in person in Singapore from 12-13 October 2022. The theme of the conference is Food Safety: Regulation and Analytical Science.

AOAC SEA Engagement Packages

AOAC SEA Section invites you to participate as a sponsor for the 1st Annual Conference (12-13 October 2022, Singapore). The Engagement/Sponsorship Packages provide opportunities for organizations to form partnerships and long-standing relationships with the Association. Extensive networking opportunities will be available throughout the full 2-day program of 1-1 meetings.

Engagement Packages are now available for the 1st Annual Conference of AOAC SEA Section.

All Engagement Package Level listed above will include:

  • Company’s name listed as a sponsor and a link to company’s website at Annual Meeting home page of the SEA Section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL website.
  • Company’s name announced as sponsor during the President’s welcome speech at the Annual Meeting of the SEA Section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.
  • Recognition on the sponsorship signs displayed at the Annual Meeting in the registration area.
  • Your materials (brochures, etc.) inserted into the Annual Meeting bags and provided to every registrant.
  • Company’s logo with a link to your website on all Annual Meeting email blasts. Approximately 10 email blasts are sent to alert members of upcoming Annual Meeting deadlines and information.
  • Social media “Thank you” post in September and October for the 2022 Annual Meeting (Facebook and LinkedIn)


To express your interest, please fill out this 1st Annual AOAC SEA Section Conference Sponsor Interest Form. We will be in contact with you shortly. 

For further queries, please write to Joanne Ho, AOAC SEA Sponsor Chair, at account.manager@aoac-sea.org

AOAC SEA Section 2022 Student Awards

AOAC SEA Section is pleased to support THREE student awards engaged in the area of food safety and analytical science, with the intention to encourage and appreciate students’ work in related areas. We offer cash prizes, travel support to the AOAC SEA Section Annual Conference, certificate and formal recognition on AOAC SEA Section Website. You’re welcome to submit your applications now! All applications must be submitted online before August 1, 2022. Award Finalists will be notified on August 15, 2022. Winners of student awards will be notified on September 5, 2022.

Qualifications of an applicant

  • Enrolled as student (undergraduate or postgraduate program) at the university from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. 
  • Engaged in the research area of analytical sciences to support food safety, environmental and health protection.

Applicants are required to

  • Submit an abstract not more than 300 words including the problem statement, methodology, results & discussion, conclusion, and impact of research. Applicants must demonstrate the innovative nature and the value of the research in advancing food safety, environmental and health protection), include co-authors’ name and affiliation.
  • Submit supporting documents, eg: publication (if applicable)

After Selection of Finalists

  • Finalists are expected to provide a 5-minute live presentation to describe your research, expected date of presentation: Aug 29 -Sept 2, 2022


  • $500 SGD Cash
  • Travel and accommodation support up to $ 1000 SGD (by reimbursement)
  • Opportunity to present at the AOAC SEA Section Annual Conference on Oct 12-13, 2022*
  • Certificate from AOAC SEA Section
  • Formal recognition on AOAC SEA Section Website
Benefits of this award are non-transferrable.
* Note: The dates were updated from Oct 11-12, 2022 to Oct 12-13, 2022. (Updated on Jun 30, 2022)

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